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Get in the Swim of Bow Fishing

If you love to fish or hunt, but are frustrated with the seasonal limitations of the traditional method, we have a solution for you: bow fishing! Not many fishing shops carry bow fishing equipment, but Hewitt's Archery & Pro Shop does, along with all the accessories and supplies you need.
Bow Fishing Brands:
  • PSE
  • Aims
  • Cajun Archery

Remember, bow fishing and rod and reel fishing are two different animals.
​Make sure you follow all the rules. Not sure what they are? Just ask one of our employees!


Have you found the perfect bow? You've found the perfect deal! Take home any new bow with no money down and one year of interest-free financing, only at Hewitt's Archery & Pro Shop!

We want your bow to feel right. If it doesn’t, bring it back and we’ll make it right.
Free shooting lessons with any new bow purchase!
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